Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cosmetic surgery around the world

The American Society and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have released the data on cosmetic procedures performed around the world. The perception of ideal beauty changes with the continents. In the U.S. it’s all about toned arms and a full, but natural, bust line. In Brazil a buttock augmentation is the rage on Ipanema beach. Eyelid lifts are the most popular surgeries among Afghan women, who want to look like their Bollywood idols. All around the world, for those that don’t fit their preferred image, surgery is now the go-to solution.

Despite being in the middle of a world-wide recession Plastic Surgery is considered a valued expenditure.  The latest figures show almost 15 million people around the globe were treated by Plastic Surgeons.  The majority of those receiving treatment had non-surgical procedures; such as fillers, Botox cosmetic, Dysport and laser hair removal.  Still almost 7 million surgeries were performed to enhance people’s appearance. The U.S. accounts for 20 % of these surgeries and the most common procedures were breast augmentation and liposuction. Brazil accounts for 10% of the world wide cosmetic surgery and again liposuction and breast augmentation are the leading procedures. Brazil leads the world in buttock augmentation and fat grafting procedures. The Brazilian butt lift adds your own fat which is obtained with liposuction and then transferred back into the patient.   America may lead the world in total procedures, but if you look at the treatments in ratio to population actually the South Koreans are the biggest fans of Plastic Surgery. One in 77 South Koreans has had Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery trends need to be approached with caution. Just as fashions tend to change over time so will Plastic Surgery procedures. Many cultures are opting to remove their ethnic features to look more main stream.   Nose reshaping is very popular in the Middle East with patients asking to have their nose look smaller and more up turned. It is a status symbol to be able to afford surgery and bandages are worn as a badge of honor long after they are no longer required. In Japan creating an eyelid fold is very popular. One of the extreme trends is practiced in South Korea.  Korean women are having surgery which includes fracturing the jaw and repositioning it to narrow the face. These surgeries are very expensive and can have severe complications. Patients need to be cautious when it comes to drastic alterations in their appearance. Remember trends tend to change over time and what is popular today may not be so tomorrow. 

The global demand for Plastic Surgery is growing at a rate of about 10 % per year.  Medical tourism is also on the rise. Patients are opting to travel to foreign countries to have their surgery at reduced prices. However extreme caution is required. Just three years ago it was revealed that the PIP implant company in France was distributing breast implants with industrial grade silicone in them. Tens of thousands of patients required surgery to remove these dangerous implants. Patient using American made implants need not worry for these devices are strictly regulated by the FDA.


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