Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to choose a plastic surgeron

Most patients know that they should select a surgeon that is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The surgeon should also be on staff at the local hospital to make sure they have passed peer review and can care for you in the rare instance that you need to be hospitalized following surgery.

You should ask your primary physician who they would choose for a plastic surgeon. Ask the nursing staff in the operating room at the hospital who is the best Doc to see. You can also review the malpractice history of the physician on line.

What not to do is to select your surgeon based solely on their web site.  While a web site is a good place to start your search many claims and accolades that are placed on the web site are selected for their content. In other words bad reviews are not included on a doctor’s web site. Some claims and awards are bought for a price and some magazine articles are paid advertisements.

Be wary of physicians that claim perfect results and no complications.  Every surgeons has some complications, the best physicians recognize these complications early on and act to prevent long term problems. Waiting to see if things get better may not be the best strategy. I have cared for many patients that have had infections treated with antibiotics over a prolonged period of time when what was need was prompt surgery to limit problems.

Is there a lot of turnover in the doctor’s staff?  While staff members come and go the over-all attitude of the staff should be positive and usually is an indication of the harmony in the office.  We all know the difference between a staff that has it all together and a staff that is in chaos.

Finally you should go with your gut feelings. If you are at ease with your surgeon and have confidence in them then your attitude will be positive and lead to a successful outcome.


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