Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Spring into swim suit season

Many of us are shedding the pounds that we may have gained during the holidays. The gyms are running specials to entice more fitness and better health. The television is saturated with this or that weight loss system. New miracle pills and diet fads are all around us. If you are unable to lose those last few inches then it may be time to visit the Rosato Plastic Surgery Center.

Liposuction is the sure way to lose fat. The fat is removed and will not return unless you over eat and forget to exercise. The down time for liposuction is a few weeks of bruising and temporary pain in the areas that were treated.

Most patients have light anesthesia sedation and local anesthesia is placed into the fat. The typical procedure to remove the excess fat from around the waist takes less than 90 minutes.  While the most popular area for liposuction is the trunk, the legs and arms as well as the neck can also have liposuction. Some patient’s will ask to have the excess fat that was removed placed in an area of fat deficiency. Fat grafting of the face and buttock are the most popular. There are limitation to how much can be transferred at one time.  Fat has also been used to fill in depressions in the breast after mastectomy and reconstruction.

Fat has stem cells in it and it has been suggested that fat grafting can repair damaged skin. This is must prominently seen in the face. Liposuction is more affordable than most people think and financing is available. For more information call the Rosato Plastic Surgery Center, 772-562-5859.


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